Beyond Learning Agile — Achieve Agility

Tactical Agile’s training and certification courses help you leverage Agile to create value.

Between technological change and globalization it is more important than ever for businesses to harness change for a competitive advantage. Software teams have learned to operate through this challenge by adapting to change using a project management framework called Agile.

Our mission is to teach achievable Agile implementations to individuals while ensuring businesses that they are hiring qualified agilists. The real world won’t  let you implement Agile in a vacuum – so we don’t teach it that way. Understanding where you will meet resistance and what to do when there is client or corporate misalignment is key to finding success. We to teach you to be Agile in your implementation of Agile.

Our course is Scrum-centric but touches on many methodologies and extrapolates beyond software development. This course does more than teach agile for the sake of itself – it shows how to leverage it to achieve agility based on human nature and behavioral studies.

Learn how to incorporate Agile into your projects today!

Two Day Course with Certification

  • Introduction to Agile
  • Agile vs. Agility
  • User Stories Done Right
  • Flexible Planning
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Agile Leadership & Culture

“Training at Tactical Agile was an excellent decision for me. I learned a ton of practical knowledge that I am already putting into practice and had fun doing it! I would recommend this course to anyone.”

David Tunnell

David TunnellScrum Master

“I would highly recommend this course for both individuals and organizations alike, who seek to learn about agile from both a theory and application standpoint”

Damon Long

Damon LongProduct Owner

Why Tactical Agile?

A certification from Tactical Agile represents knowledge in using Agile to achieve agility, not just an understanding of Agile for the sake of itself.

Tactical Agile provides an overview of several Agile methodologies along with how their structure and ceremonies help teams reach agility. This allows you to make educated decisions that help your team and business provide value despite dynamic and unpredictable conditions.

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