Helping Businesses Achieve Agility

The pace of technological advances and globalization makes it more important than ever for businesses to harness change for a competitive advantage. Traditional views around planning and project structure leave businesses exposed to implementing projects, services, or products at full cost that are outdated before arriving to market.

“Change is the only constant—be ready for it.”

Understanding how to implement an adaptable, high-contact, and transparent culture can help a business or project adapt itself to produce value even in the face of unforeseen changes. This is an environment software projects have long lived in – so it should not be a surprise that software companies and teams have learned to operate through this challenge. They do it through a framework called Agile.

Today, every company is a technology company. Technology and the change that comes with it is leveraged to create products, perform research, and deliver services—but not every company is ready for the shifts that come with it.

Agile’s ability to help teams adapt to change has led to measurable success versus traditional waterfall project management. A 2012 Standish Group study1 classifying project outcomes found that Agile projects are 300% more likely to achieve success and fail at about 1/3 the rate.

Tactical Agile is dedicated to bringing agility to both software and non-software companies alike. Change is the only constant—be ready for it.

1The Chaos Manifesto, The Standish Group. 2012.

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