Become a Certified Tactical Agilist

Every team deserves leadership – give them your best. This is a two-day training course that goes beyond what Agile is and into how to leverage it to create value for both software and non-software projects. As a Certified Tactical Agilist you will learn how to lead teams through dynamic projects.

This is a fast paced cohort course where you have the opportunity to learn from not only your instructor, but from peers. This certification is designed to help you deliver agility to teams regardless of industry.

Who is this course for:

What you will take away:


Our initial overview of Agile ensure you can guide your team with the right direction to achieve the mission of agility.


How to define requirements in a way that delivers value—early and often for your business or customer.


Beyond theory. This course doesn’t talk about management, culture, or Agile in a vacuum. You will be ready to start bringing change on day 1.

No hassle re-certification

We are dedicated to creating value – not making you jump through unnecessary hoops. Your certification lasts 3 years and we offer multiple paths to re-certification. Depending on how you choose to demonstrate continued learning it can be done without cost.